9 Investments That Will Help Make Jay Z The First Billionaire In Hip Hop

Photo: Mark VonHolden/Invision for HTC

Who would have thought? A little black boy growing up in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects in the ’70s was able to acquire a net worth over $810 Million in 2017, according to Forbes. Who would have thought, right?

There had to come a point in Shawn Corey Carter’s life where he asked himself, “Who would have thought I’d become Jay Z?”

Jay Z — the brand —  was able to break through manifold industries, leading Jay Z to become the second wealthiest rapper in 2017. Whether it was a pocketful of dreams or the right calculated moves, Shawn “Jay Z” Carter has proven himself every time.

Jay Z, 47, has made millions on record labels, concert sales, music streaming and album sales
clothing and merchandise, endorsements, and real estate.

Most people will know him for his lyrical content, signing on some of the biggest artists. You may have supported him in his rise to incredible wealth by purchasing a Rocawear sweatshirt or two — one of his earlier entrepreneurial efforts.

Over the past few years, Jay Z has invested in several tech startups that could eventually push him to become the first hip hop billionaire.

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