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Children's thrift store brings hand-selected second hand wares to North Van

Consignment store Young’n Thrifty sells medium to high end branded clothing for youngsters

Consignment is not just about buying and selling clothing — it’s about embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes sustainability and responsibility.

Guided by this belief, Courtney Ganesh opened Young’n Thrifty, a children’s consignment store at 928 16th Street West, just north of the Capilano Mall, earlier this month.

The process with which Ganesh’s “preloved children’s clothing” operates is simple: Consignors book an appointment online, bring their items to the store, and the store will rifle through the offerings to select what can be sold.

The pieces that make the cut are then priced and displayed on the shop floor, ready and waiting to be taken home by their next owners.

Consignors can access an online portal to view their sales and total earnings, which can either be received by cheque or be used as store credit. With an extra 15 per cent added to the total each time store credit is chosen, the latter is is usually the preferred method by sellers, said Ganesh.

Young’n Thrifty initially accepted donations and provided store credits in return, but managing the donations became overwhelming after a while.

“One of our main challenges was the constant influx of drop-offs, so we implemented an appointment system for donations. Now, donors must book appointments online,” she said.

“Additionally, we put up a notice that we do not accept unscheduled drop-offs, as people were continuously trying to offload their items. This system helps us manage the process more efficiently.”

Ganesh said she looks for anything that’s new, gently used, and good quality. The store focuses on medium to high-end brands and quality items that are either new or have minimal wear, ensuring they can last several more uses.

The newly founded resale business follows strict guidelines for the items it accepts. For example, all clothes labels must be intact.

Ganesh, who is herself a mother of two and expecting another child, says the most rewarding part of running baby consignment businesses is seeing the full circle of giving.

“I see moms who are sad dropping off their baby clothes because they remember the baby’s first birthday. Some moms drop off clothes simply to pass them on, not caring about the compensation. They just want to see the items go to someone else. Then, we see the next mom come in, thrilled to find those clothes. It’s heartwarming to see this cycle of giving and receiving.”

Ganesh tries to minimize waste by only taking items that can sell. If an item doesn’t sell, it goes on the sale rack for a final chance to sell, providing customers with better deals and maximizing its potential.

Young’n Thrifty also offers consignors the option to donate unsold items.

“We take pride in donating unsold clothing to charities such as the North Shore Crisis Services Society, Harvest Project, and Mamas for Mamas. People appreciate that our approach helps the environment by slowing down fast fashion,” Ganesh added.

In today’s economy, saving money is crucial, Ganesh said. “People come to us to shop affordably. It feels great to help people save money and find quality items without overcharging them,” she concluded.

For more information about Young’n Thrifty, please visit www.youngnthrifty.com or contact Courtney Ganesh at 905-999-7852.

Fatemeh Falah is an intern reporter with the North Shore News. She can be contacted at zohreh.fallah1981@gmail.com.
Fatemeh Falah

Fatemeh Falah