Consign with us!


Book an appointment by clicking the link below and fill out the waiver. Please bring the items in a medium bin or bag. We will carefully examine merchandise for tears and/or stains. We are not experts in the safety of apparel or gear, and we do not repair items, so please do not provide us with anything if you have any reason to believe that it could be unsafe for our little customers. We maintain high aesthetic and practical standards; therefore if an item does not meet our standards we reserve the right not to accept and/or sell that item.

As we have many consignors, please allow 1-2 weeks  for your items to hit our floor. Off season items will be linked to your account and imputed at the correct time of year. 


You will receive an account for our online "Consigner Portal" that provides a report of your inventory and sold items. You may request a payout anytime as long as your account has at least $15.00 in it. You can also use your account as your store credit and receive 15% off any of your purchases. To request a payout, send an e-mail to, payouts can take up to 14 days and you will be contacted when your cheque is available to pick up.

All consignment must follow these guidelines:

  • Clothing must be in like-new condition, laundered, stain free and folded/packaged neatly.
  • All Clothing must be ready to go- buttons all buttoned, snaps all snapped.
  • We do not repair any items and we are not safety experts, so please do not bring us anything that you would consider unsafe or incomplete.
  • Please bring a medium size bin or bag of clothing to each appointment.
  • Shoes must be seasonally appropriate and they must be thoroughly cleaned, top and bottom.
  • Visible Brand labels with sizing attached (in case of a recalls on a specific item we can pull it from our floor - Health Canada requirement)
  • Limit your appointments to once a month to allow space for others.
  • All equipment and toys must be clean, no battery corrosion, all original parts and pieces. We test the items to ensure they are working.